luni, 4 noiembrie 2013

I know your face...

I remember the first day when our eyes have met... Seems like it was yesterday, althought there was a while ago... At first it was your face, your smile, your brown eyes... It was enough to take that one look at you, to become addicted to see you... That happened last it's arleady an early winter, and i'm still trapped in by you. It's so strange that althought i've grown so fond of you, i haven't done anything to get closer to you all these seasons, spring, summer and autumn. I feel like a half of me is always getting in the way between me and you. And i think this part of me is being affraid that i can fall in love again... It's affraid of loving and of being loved, too. It's affraid to find happiness in the arms of a guy... It's affraid of becoming addicted to one guy... It's affraid of you. And the other part of me, can't stop thinking at you. My mind, my thoughts, my's all about you. How is this possible, to desire somebody so much, but to run away from your desired one? Why am I feeling what I'm feeling each time I see you? What is wrong with me? My wit is telling me that I've become obsessed by you... My heart tells me that you might be the one that I was waiting for my entire life. There's a battle inside of me, and it's making casualties... My brain is drowning in thoughts about you, and I'm getting tired, as days go by... I want to take you out of my mind and out of my dreams, but it seems that I can't do that, no matter how hard am I trying. I'm so mad...pissed off...annoyed...frustrated...depressed...insane...unsecure...fragile... Why don't you make this easier for me, why don't you make a move on me? Althought i might turn my back on you again...But i really need to know that you like me, too. There was a time, months ago, when i thought so... I was pretty sure that you've liked me too, but that you were too shy to do something...Then it was a time when i thought you dislike me so much that you're doing anything to avoid me... And now, i don't know what to think... I don't get to see you so often nowadays, and i kind of miss That Look... And when i do get to see you, i get the feeling that i'm just another face in the crowd for you... And that drives me insane... Because i think i'm falling for you, deeper and deeper with each time that i see you...
If you'ld be reading these lines, you'ld think that i'm insane too. But let me put it this way:
"I know your face. I've seen it before, though i'm not sure yet if it was in the real life or in my dreams... When i've first looked in your eyes, i've got that feeling that i knew you, as in if we've spent  a lifetime together... I want to get comfortable in your arms, and lay there the rest of my life... That's the feeling i'm getting about you."

Does this mean that i'm crazy? Or just crazy in love? I'm scared, and blue...

sâmbătă, 7 septembrie 2013


De foarte mult timp evit sa ma mai uit la tv la stiri. Nici macar presa nu o mai citesc cu regularitate, deoarece sunt satula de asa zisele mondenitati care tin prima pagina a ziarelor de ani de zile in tara asta. Ce-i drept, romanul de azi nu si-ar putea incepe ziua presupun daca nu ar fi la curent cu ultimele barfe de prin tabloide sau de la tv!
Cu toate acestea, ieri mi-am propus sa parcurg cateva ziare cunoscute online, din curiozitate, vrand sa vad ce s-a scris despre cazul baietelului omorat de caini si, mai ales, ce masuri se propun a se lua pentru ca astfel de situatii sa nu se mai produca. Am fost iritata de ce solutie se doreste a se adopta in vederea rezolvarii problemei cainilor vagabonzi: eutanasierea acestora. Oameni buni, voi chiar v-ati pierdut de tot ratiunea? Ce ne mai diferentiaza atunci de animale daca ne transformam in niste brute insensibile? Ne mai putem numi oare oameni daca vom participa tacit la un astfel de masacru? Imi place cum unii dintre noi participa negresit la tot felul de miscari dirijate, de fiecare data pentru o alta"cauza", de fiecare data aceleasi personaje. As putea cu usurinta sa schitez portretul robot al "protestatarului"roman: studii medii maxim, in somaj sau caruia nu i-a placut nici scoala, nici munca, frustrat de "bunastarea"vecinului dar impasibil la imbunatatirea conditiei proprii, persoana ce se indeletniceste cu flecareala pe maidan sau barfe de la scara blocului, cu o afinitate dezvoltata vis-a-vis de scandal, ce duhneste a bere sau sparge intr-o veselie seminte, suporter inrait cand echipa de fotbal preferata castiga, dar ateu convins cand aceasta pierde si, mai mult revolutionar fevril.
Suntem o natie de "revolutionari", ce pot sa mai zic?Ne place sa iesim in strada pentru a crea tensiuni, dar nu ne place sa ne gandim sau muncim pentru solutii la problemele pe care le intampinam. Ne place sa tipam cat ne tin plamanii afronte cu privire la clasa politica, la categorii sociale, etc. Ne place scandalul, starea de asediu, ne place sa ne manjim pe maini daca se poate, cu sangele celor care ne conduc, pentru ca, mai apoi, sa ii regretam amarnic, dar in van.
Si cel mai mult ne place sa ne plangem, sa ne victimizam, si, de preferabil, sa gasim o gazda pe care sa o parazitam. Si asta reusim cu brio sa aratam si-n plan extern, ca nu cumva sa stirbim vreun pic din imaginea pe care deja ne-am creat-o in Europa: suntem un fel de Tara a lui Papura Voda, si cam atat.
Si cum nu ne mai ajunge sa sarim la gatul semenilor nostri, pentru ca deh, nu prea iese sange din astfel de actiuni, ne-am gandit sa ne motolim cumva setea de sange trecand la a linsa necuvantatoare. De ce sa ne mai complicam noi cu bietii caini cand putem sa ii omoram, nu? De ce sa dam banii pentru construire de padocuri, hrana si tratamente pentru caini, cand putem sa zicem ca am facut-o, dar tot n-am putut rezolva problema cainilor vagabonzi, se tot inmultesc ca prin minune, dar nu la fel cum se inmultesc limuzinele si vilele pentru unii...Daca tot gasim moartea ca o solutie, atunci va rog sa introducem si pedeapsa cu moartea pentru pedofili, violatori si criminali, sa introducem si dreptul cetateanului roman de a alege moartea atunci cand are o boala incurabila, sau cand este invalid, inapt de munca, etc. Daca tot propulsam inumanitatea, macar sa o ducem pe cele mai inalte culmi.
E trist, dragilor, in ce hal am ajuns... Ma doare ca sunt roman...

duminică, 23 iunie 2013

A woman's worth

Woman: the most fragile, but strongest human being. This is the supreme definion of a woman.
We are borned to continue the great Creation of Life, we are raised to be kind, delicate, but tough and overprotective. We can change the world through our simple existance. We can start wars or mantain the peace, we can conquer minds or we can drive minds crazy. We can divide or unite masses. 
Although we are considerate to be the softest and weakest link of the human race, we are the ones wearers of the biggest burdens through our lives. We are the ones that eaven though our heart is shattered in thousand pieces, we keep walking ahead. When our soul hurts, we continue to smile. When the skyes falls down on us, we get up, stronger each time, ready to build new skyes for the ones we love. A woman's dedication it's an accomplished goal. A woman's work it's a brick in the Humanity's Wall. A woman's word is a guidance of Life.
A woman's Love is the strongest feeling that can lead a Man to a win. A woman's sorrow can lead her to destruction. Never  hurt a woman's feeling, because between her love and hate it's always drawn such a thin line, that can be easily crossed.
What are men without women?
We give birth to Life. A new born boy is nurtured by his mother, then he grows up following his mother's guidance. She is the one that teachs him the meaning of things and feelings, she will be always by his side, she'll be the best listener and the best advicer. Finally, every grown up boy will marry a girl that will remind him not in the least of his own mother. 
It's written in our destiny: to create life, to take care of life, to mantain and to support life. This is a woman's worth, the legacy of Life. How would life be without women? It will not exist anymore. This delicate human being is responsible for it, therefore a woman should be worshiped, loved and protected, 'cause she's The Cradle of The World as we know it!

luni, 25 februarie 2013

Scent of lilacs

Drops of rain knocks on my window,
Pouring down my backyard's sward.
Blackbird 's gentle trills are playing,
Scent of lilacs...misty thoughts...

Bunches of hyacinth, small and gentle
Rise above their sloppy greensward,
White and yellow, rose and purple,
A symphony of frail coloured bells.

joi, 15 noiembrie 2012

it's been a while...

Time stood's been a while since i've last wrote my thoughts. And yet no major change...Same old problems, same odd differences, same mean people, same mad world...and still the same me. At least i like to think that i'm the same!

"It's been awhile since we've last spoken,
 Mists of time have covered the suffering;
 People are heading through their homes,
 Bearing the scars of the madness claw.
 Streets are yet poorly, but lights yet glow,
 Giggling children playing a soccer ball
 Striking the walls, raising the dust above,
 Then sprightly shouting:"that was a goal!"
 A cat is climbing lazily a vineyard sprout,
 A dog is barking the intruder's approach;
 The moon comes out with a silver glow,
 The city is dressing up with a grey hood.

 The time stood still, for a few moments,
 And thought starts yelling inside my head,
 The memories that once were well hidden
 Now are coming alive, stroking my senses."

November, the 15th, Izma Mitzinger Residence -  written by L.C. - Izma Mitzinger

marți, 14 februarie 2012


I guess there'se a long time since i haven't been writing anything. Still, there's better to get started later, than never:)...
Those past months, lots of things have changed...ones in better, others just kept getting worst. Now i don't know how to start, when i know that there was no beginning, and yet no end... The late autumn have found me so sad, worried and disappointed. People i'd once thought i'd knew proved to be unrecognizable. Yes, i have lost one friend... and it was awful. But i tried to carry on...and move along into a brand new life.
Today i find myself stronger, but still sad, worried and disappointed. Here's where i'm asking myself once again: why? People are not the same as they once used to be, we live different times, and we're getting worst, insteed of getting better. I hardly try to keep myself the way i've always been, but day after day this seems to be so difficult. I am yet kind, pitiful. I'm making the same old mistakes all over again. Will i ever learn this lesson? When  will i realize that this world has changed? That people that i've once helped will never turn my favor and worst, they will stab behind my back as soon as they'll have that chance! I'm sick and tired of this stupid game called friendship... No one trully loves you nowadays, unless they have a material reason to do so...
When i was a child, all i was dreaming of was to grow up. I've dreamt of me being a great student, to graduate a fine college and a top university with exceed expectations... to find a job that will give me the opportunity to prove myself and my knowledges... Now when i finally have my childhood dreams come true i just wanna be child again...And i dream...dream on and on...
A successfull career gives you gratitude and buys you enemies. This isn't what i've desired. But now i have to live with it.
I cannot understand how can anyone hate you because of your accomplishments... Does any of these people ask themselves if it is your "fault"for your success or are just your worths to blame insteed of thinking that successfull people are to blame because of their miserable lifes? Do they ever think that maybe you have made many sacrifices? Why didn't they done the same? Because of fears or just commodity? I keep asking myself why don't you open your eyes wide, my"friends", and see what it is to see? I wouldn't be where i am today without all these sacrifices... Just think a bit...

marți, 5 aprilie 2011


The 5th of April...Spring is finally here. Bees are wheezing, butterflies are flying... trees are blooming... And me... I return... back in time, for just another few seconds, because I'm missing you. I'm surrounded by things that reminds me of you... because I want to. I'm analizying everything, then draw it fine... Maybe because I have time tonight. The music is nice... so nice. Classical... violin, piano, a bit of drums... just perfect. A glass of fine red wine would be just perfect... but no, I don't feel like to drink alone... not without you. I'm thinking... how to make it possible... to share that bottle of wine with you... I know you hate me... and maybe you have good reasons, this is also true. But I can't figure it out how did we get here...